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02 September 2010

Management Association of the Philippines (9-2-2010)

Sept. 2, 2010. MAP meeting.  Terry David, a licenced FranklinCovey facilitator, together with Ma. Carmen Alcuaz-Reyes president of the Center for Leadership and Change, Inc., spoke about Leading at the Speed of Trust at the Management Association of the Philippines event entitled, Principled Leadership in challenging Times.

Trust has often been seen as a soft skill, an emotional concept.  However, in the best-seller book of Stephen MR Covey, he builds a case around trust as an economic driver.  Low trust organizations pay a trust tax that slows down processes, production, and consequently brings up costs.
High trust organizations leverage on lesser processes lower costs making them more competitive in the global economy.

FranklinCovey offers a 2-day workshop on Leading at the Speed of Trust where leaders learn about how organizations can build trust.