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12 April 2009

Equipping Leaders in Times of Crisis

Source: http://davaochamber.com/

We are in a global crisis today. Many companies are facing challenges such as declining sales from shrinking markets, unsustainably high fixed and variable costs, and other adverse situations which are normally present during crisis situations. True that opportunities arise in an economic slowdown, it is the failure of leadership to respond effectively to the demands of the times that results in the demise of an enterprise. In order to prepare our business leaders during this time of global recession, the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (DCCCII) in partnership with the Center for Leadership and Change, Inc. (CLCI) organized a seminar entitled “Leadership in Times of Crisis” conducted last 12 May 2009 at the Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City.

The seminar was facilitated by Ms. Ma. Carmen Alcuaz-Reyes, the President and Founder of the CENTER FOR LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE, INC. (CLCI), Philippine licensee of the FranklinCovey Company. This seminar was able to showcase available tools for leadership and win-win solutions that were aimed to guide top executives in making a difference in addressing the adverse impacts of recession as well as taking advantage of the opportunities that were presented to improve their company’s overall performance. Thirty six (36) participants attended the seminar. Most of them were top executives of different companies. Participation from different industries (i.e. agriculture, real estate, manufacturing, academe, hotel management and banking services) was evident. There were also participants from the local chambers in Mindanao such as General Santos City and Cotabato City.
The strong partaking of the business community proves that leadership is the keystone in withstanding the pressures brought about by this crisis. The Davao City Chamber continues to uphold its role in equipping the local leaders and business community to cope with this predicament.